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Watch the Trailer for A&E Network's 'Dogs of War'


Dogs of War is a new A&E documentary series that follows PTSD veterans as they are paired with shelter dogs who help in their rehabilitation. Premiering on Veterans Day at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central, the show follows Jim and Lindsey Stanek, the founders of the Paws and Stripes, a charity that trains adopted dogs and pairs them with veterans at little or no cost.


Jim Stanek was a volunteer firefighter in NYC who assisted in the cleanup after 9/11 and then served three tours with the Army in Iraq. He returned home with TBI and PTSD and ran into a series of roadblocks and red tape while trying to get a service dog. That experience inspired Jim and Lindsey to found Paws and Stripes.

After its Tuesday Veterans Day premiere, the show will move to Sundays at 10pm ET/PT starting November 16.

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