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Pocket Kick: A Quality Speaker that Really Does Fit in Your Pocket


Soundfreaq makes a lot of well-designed wireless speakers that sell at a reasonable price and the Pocket Kick fits right into that tradition. It's really small (6" x 2.5" x 1.25" and weighs 9.3 oz.), retails for $99 and comes in black, gray and gold.


So what's the hook here? In a world of seemingly infinite Bluetooth speaker options, why pick this one? The most compelling thing about the Pocket Kick is the design: it's easy to slip in and out of a bag and the case is solid enough that you're not going worry about it getting dinged up from everyday wear and tear.


It has a power switch, so you know when it's turned on or turned off. That moment of indecision when you press the button on most other speakers is gone: you know the status. It also features a Bluetooth pairing button, a micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack.


The volume buttons on the opposite side and the skip button are big and you can tell which is which by blind touch. There's also an included wrist strap.

The Pocket Kick promises 7 hours on a single charge but I've been getting more like 8 1/2 hours. It works really well as a speakerphone: calls are clear and people on the other end report good performance from the speaker's built-in microphone.

Can you get a better Bluetooth speaker for $100? Well, yeah. Soundfreaq's Sound Kick (also $100) is probably the best speaker I've heard for less than $150 but that it's almost four times the size of the Pocket Kick. The Sound Kick sounds way better than a Jambox and it's sturdy in ways that some more expensive small speakers are not. You can see these in stores at Kohl's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. If you check it out in stores and like the design, you'll be really happy with this speaker.


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