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Get a Great Deal on a Kodiak Waterproof Backup Battery


Outdoor Tech have launched an Indiegogo campaign for an expansion of their Kodiak Waterproof portable battery line. I've been using the currently available Kodiak 6000mAh model and it's working fine, even after I threw it in the pond out back and left it there for a half hour.


Outdoor Tech make the outstanding Turtle Shell and Big Turtle Shell wireless speakers and the Kodiak 6000 is the latest in their line of rugged gear. It's got an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating at it recharged an iPhone 5S right at 3 1/2 times before needing to be recharged itself. It's got a 1 amp capacity, so it will charge a tablet in a pinch, but it's going to be pretty slow.


There's a USB out port, so you can charge whatever device you want since you bring your own cable. The power button is accessible and you can also see the lights on the charge indicator when the protective flap is closed. The Kodiak 6000 sells for $49.95 at the Outdoor Tech store, but you can get it for the same price at the Indiegogo page with the bonus of a Calamari charge cable (a $14.95 value that features Lightning, 30-pin and micro USB connectors on the same end of the cord) and an Outdoor Tech trucker hat ($19.95 value). This package will ship in time for Christmas.

The other two models will ship in March 2015, so Outdoor Tech is offering some big discounts get you to commit early.


The Kodiak Mini 2200 is small enough to fit in your pocket and give your phone a charge in an emergency. It's going to retail for $39.95 but you can reserve one now for $25 and get a Calamari cable thrown in.


The Kodiak Plus 10000 looks like the most interesting device in the line. It can "power an iPad many times over" and features two USB out ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. The Plus 10000 will retail for $99.95 but you can preorder for $60 and get the Calamari cable as well.

There are combo packages that offer even deeper discounts: you can get the Mini 2200 and Plus 10000 (with Calamari cable) for $70 (that's the deal) or get all three models for $100.

Ordering devices five months before they're released may seem weird at first, but you're getting a huge discount and you're allowing a small company to gauge interest and fund initial manufacturing with less risk. The Kodiak campaign is already fully funded and the prices will remain the same until the campaign ends on November 12 or they sell out of the limited quantities available.

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