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Amputee Army Veteran on the Cover of 'Men’s Health'



As far as icons of health and beauty go, people with noticeable disabilities rarely make the list. However, a double amputee was featured on the November cover of Men’s Health magazine. He lost his left arm and left leg overseas while deployed in Iraq, but that didn’t stop him from getting fit and staying in remarkable shape. A former Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Noah Galloway’s story will resonate with most veterans who suffered injury during their service.


According to Aol.com, Galloway was unmotivated and distraught after coming back home. According to Galloway, once the IED took away two of his limbs he would spend most of his days and nights wallowing at home. “I'd sit at home and drink and smoke and sleep. That's all I did,” Galloway said.

However, in 2010 Galloway took steps to make life better for himself. He joined a gym open for 24 hours a day so he could work out in relative seclusion. Eventually Galloway became more comfortable with is progress and body and worked out during the day. According to the AL.com, the Army veteran participated in an obstacle 5k, three CrossFit events, three marathons, eight Tough Mudders, and multiple Spartan Races.

"I looked back, and my depression terrified me," Galloway said. "I never wanted to experience that again. That's why I got into races. What kept me moving was never going back to where I came from. I wanted people to see more than my injury."


After benefiting from an exercise routine and getting his life back on track, Galloway started No Excuses Charitable Fund. His charity is focused on aiding after-school exercise programs across the nation.

"Yeah, there are down days," he says. "I don't dwell on it, because that makes it worse. I don't try to cover it up, because that's something I did when I was depressed. I've learned that this too shall pass. A couple of days later I'll be like, 'Whooo, yeah, I really felt bad a couple of days ago. Now I'm good!'"

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