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Should VA Disability Checks Be Used to Pay Alimony?

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When a veteran returns home with a disability, they’re usually provided financial assistance through the Veteran’s Administration (VA). For Florida-based veteran Terry Lynn, his case was typical until he divorced his wife, Kathy Lynn. Part of the divorce ruling allotted a portion of Lynn’s VA checks to financial assistance for Kathy Lynn. However, rather than pay the money, Lynn decided to face jail.

According to an article seen on waaytv, the public support for Lynn has been unexpectedly large.

"Terrible! She is not a veteran or disabled, she has no right to that money," said one commenter. "Good for you Mr. Veteran. Hang in there. She has no right to your VA money," said another.

The VA checks Lynn receives not only support the treatment of his disability, but are the only form of income Lynn currently receives. A judge commented that while Lynn must pay alimony, he doesn’t “believe the American people want to be paying for people who didn’t serve and didn’t support the veterans while they were serving.”

Despite the support for Lynn, his ex-wife says the issue isn’t completely one-sided.

"Honestly, it makes me sick to my stomach," says Kathy Lynn. According to her, the marriage ended on her ex-husband’s account and she shouldn’t have to pay the price for his decision.

“I've been married to the guy for 17 years. I've been to every doctor’s appointment with him. I have been by his side when we had nothing. He lived out of his truck when I met him."

According to her, the source of income owed was not her choice to make. "The judge is the one who made the decision. I didn't make that decision."

Terry Lynn’s bond has since been reduced.

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