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'Prisoners of War' Season 2 Arrives on DVD


The second season of Prisoners of War, the Israeli TV drama series that inspired Homeland, as just been released on DVD by Shout! Factory, just a few months after the home video release of season one.


As mentioned when we reviewed the first DVD set, Prisoners of War is much more of a family drama than Homeland, which is pretty much a Carrie drama. The series tells the stories of three POWs and explores the impact of their imprisonment on their families.

The big reveal in season two is that hostage Amiel Ben Horin, seen only in flashback in the first series, is actually alive and living in Syria under the name Yussuf, acting as a leader in the terrorist organization that held him hostage.


Is that a spoiler? It’s not really a spoiler when there’s a photo of Amiel as Yussuf on the front of the DVD package. Amiel is the character that inspired Homeland’s Nicholas Brody but the fact the Amiel was held in a country adjacent to his Homeland sets up much different plot options.

POW Ronen Akerman 2

Hardcore Homeland fans will appreciate the differences in creator Gideon Raff’s approach to this story versus the stories he helps create on the American spinoff. Viewers who find Homeland too over-the-top may also appreciates Prisoners of War’s more subdued plotting. This set also episode commentaries from Raff and Director of Photography Itai Neeman.

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