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Little Girl Beats ROTC Marine in Push-Up Competition

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It’s one of the simplest workouts to pull off, but it takes form and endurance: two qualities a young lady displayed in full when she trounced a Marine Corps ROTC cadet in a push-up competition. The contest took place during a fundraising event for Active Heroes, a charity geared to help military families with therapy, home repairs, financial assistance, and other points of stress in daily life. 


Many online comments have pointed out that the cadet displayed improper push-up form which may have contributed to his lack of performance. Despite the intricacies and technicalities of push-up technique, most agree that the cadet was squarely beat in the contest. In a graceful display of good humor and sportsmanship, when the cadet realizes he can no longer compete he simply stops and stands up smiling.

An individual claiming to be the young woman’s mother points out that she will soon be testing to be on the U.S. Junior Olympic Nation Team next month.

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