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Show Your Colors With SkinIt Military Skins & Cases


SkinIt makes vinyl, removable device skins and hard cases for almost any phone, tablet or game console. They've got a line of military-themed skins available for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Mac and PC laptops, Kindles, iPods, Xbox, PlayStation, GoPro cameras and there are even skins for Beats headphones and LifeProof and Otterbox phone cases.

The hard cases come for most popular phones and tablets. While you can get designs featuring almost any college or pro sports team, DC Comics characters, Hello Kitty, Looney Tunes cartoon characters and a wide assortment of patterns and images, we're looking at the military designs feature the Army, Navy and Air Force, along with some more generalized patriotic themes. (Cue our USMC readers noting that the Marines don't need any licensed merchandise to know they're special.)

We checked out  a Navy SEALs vinyl iPad skin and an Army iPhone case.


SkinIt is able to turn out such a wide variety of designs because they use an inkFusion printing process that allows them to put a wide variety of design on a standard thermoplastic case. The pictured Army model for an iPhone 5/5S sells for $24.99. It's flexible enough to easily put on and take off and it provides a good amount of drop protection, even though it's not trying to compete with Otterbox.

The case as delivered varies slightly from the image at this link, but I prefer the actual case to the one on the site.


The vinyl skins come on a sheet. You peel them off the sheet and affix them to your device. There's some patience required to get all the holes for speakers, cameras and home buttons to line up and there may be some peeling and realignment necessary to get rid of all the air bubbles. Once you've got it affixed to your satisfaction, though, the SkinIt isn't going anywhere until you're ready to remove it. The iPad 3 skin I tested sells for $29.99. This particular skin design is available for 258 different devices at prices ranging from $14.99 to $29.99. You can also get the design on a case for 30 different devices.

There's a wide variety in the designs available. There's a few with official-looking logos but there are also quite a few generic ones that just have the words "Army" or "Air Force" swapped against the background. They're made in the USA and you can check out the whole SkinIt line here and also check out their custom options where you supply the image and they manufacture the case or skin.

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