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Kristen Stewart Goes to Gitmo


Kristen Stewart's next move in her quest to move her acting career beyond Twilight will be Camp X-Ray, coming to theaters on October 17. Stewart plays Army Pvt. Amy Cole, a small-town girl who joins the military to expand her horizons. She ends up as a guard a Guantanamo Bay and strikes up an unlikely connection with one of the prisoners detainees.


The full trailer has garnered over 4 million views in just over a week since it premiered on YouTube, so the Twilight kids are still interested in the post-Bella Kristen.  Stewart's performance has garnered a lot of positive reviews since Camp X-Ray premiered at Sundance this past winter, even from people who didn't really love the movie.

Writer/director Peter Sattler's version of Gitmo seems to be filled with detainees who speak flawless English. Or maybe the guards all speak the various languages represented by their charges and Sattler just has the movie's characters speak English to avoid subtitles. Whichever it might be, there's no communication problem here at this version of Guantanamo Bay.

To be fair, the movie looks like Stewart is playing "Middle America" and actor Peyman Moaadi represents "Radical Islam" in the way "serious" Broadway plays took on the day's events back in the ancient times of the mid-20th century.

It's hard to get a handle on Stewart's performance from the trailer, since she barely opens her mouth. And readers who've actually done their tour of duty at detention facility are sure to have some thoughts about this fictionalized version of Gitmo.

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