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420 Audio Speaker: Legal in All 50 States



Why do posts about weed get so many clicks at Military.com? Is it an old-school Vietnam-era obsession with the way hippies are ruining America or is it just a sign of the mainstreaming of marijuana in our country.

One casualty of the seemingly inevitable end to pot prohibition will be the kind of immature weed humor promoted by the 420 Audio High-Fi Wireless Speaker ("High" Fi? That's hilarious). This $49.99 list Bluetooth speaker delivers a lot of volume from a small (3" tall/2 1/4" diameter) cylinder and features some 420-themed sounds when you turn on, connect and power down the speakers.


Instead of a speaker grille, you get a pot leaf on top of the speaker. You get a charging cable and an aux-in cable so you can use the 420 with non-Bluetooth devices.

Minus the pot leaf and the silly sound effects, this is actually a nice little speaker. It doesn't distort at top volume and it's not going to get damaged when you throw it in a bag.


The website shows these speakers as sold out from the manufacturer. You can still get one from Amazon at list price and there are a few other online outlets for $34.99. If you want to show your rebellious spirit by proudly displaying a pot leaf on your coffee table or desk and you think the sounds are hilarious, you'll also get a really good speaker.

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