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Review: 808 Hex SL Speaker


The 808 Hex SL Bluetooth speaker has many things going for it, starting with the fact that it's made of metal instead of plastic. Its tube design and the directional cone that's visible through a honeycomb grille is sure to provoke conversation when you pull it out of your bag.


The speaker retails for $59.99 but seems to be available for a lot less if you shop at Walmart. The colors and finish are really beautiful, much nicer than what you'd expect in this price range. The battery held for almost 10 hours, as advertised.

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You turn it on with a switch on the bottom of the speaker and you get a distinctive drum fill sound to let you know when you've turned it on. There's a dedicated button you push to pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled device of choice. Pairing was flawless and easy.


The speaker comes with a micro USB charge cable and an auxiliary audio cable.

The top end of the range has a real bite to it. Some listeners might like the way it cuts through, but I found it pretty harsh. 808 is definitely pitching this as a lifestyle as much as an audio accessory. If you're attracted to the design and the color options, the Hex SL might just get the job done.

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