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Reconnecting Back Home in 'Fort Bliss'



Fort Bliss, winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2014 GI Film Festival, will open in theaters on September 19th and be available on demand from iTunes, cable and satellite providers on the same day. The latest trailer just debuted online.


The film stars Michelle Monaghan (who recently had a great role in True Detective) as Maggie Swann, an Army medic who returns from Afghanistan to find her relationship with her five-year-old son has unraveled. Ron Livingston (Office Space, Boardwalk Empire) plays her ex-husband and Freddy Rodriguez (The Night Shift), Pablo Schreiber  (Orange is the New Black, The Wire) and Dash Mihok (Silver Linings Playbook, Ray Donovan) play fellow troops.

Just as Maggie is figuring out how to repair her relationship with her son, she decides to reenlist and gets an early deployment, a decision that throws her relationships back into turmoil.

The issues that the film explores are obviously critical ones for the men and women who serve, so the fact that no one in the movie seems to have bothered to use Skype to keep a kid in touch with his parent serving overseas can probably be forgiven. A screaming kid who doesn't recognize his mom creates more dramatic impact than the vaguely uncomfortable "what are you doing here?" feeling that would be closer to a lot of returning troops' real lives.

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