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Outdoor Tech Privates: Headphones to Match Your Fatigues


The Outdoor Tech Privates Headphones cost $99, offer full Bluetooth cordless connectivity, have a comfortable canvas headband and come in four colors, including a green that makes for a reasonably good match with standard-issue fatigues.


They connect easily and, best of all, reconnect easily with your iPhone or Android device. The connection is solid and there's a little bit of extra bass that's going to be welcome if you're using them outdoors or in a public place.

The vinyl speaker covers are comfortable on the ears and there's not as much ear fatigue with these as you might experience with most on-ear headphones.


There's a built-in microphone, so you can take calls with the button on the right earpiece. That same button pauses your music. Access the volume controls by swiping up and down on the outside of the right earpiece and skip tracks by swiping back to front.


They're incredibly lightweight and come with a carrying bag, a micro USB cable for charging, a couple of Outdoor Tech stickers and a 3.5mm cable so you can use them on an airplane or plug them in if you run out of battery power (although the on-device controls don't work if you're not using Bluetooth).

They promise (and seem to deliver) 10 hours of battery life and they send a battery level signal to your phone that should give you an indicator level next to the Bluetooth logo on your phone's home screen. They're on-ear, so there's a bit of sound leakage if you crank them up.

In making such a lightweight pair of headphones, Outdoor Tech made a few sacrifices in the durability department. The metal slides that attach to the headband are prone to bending if you leave them loose in a bag and the plastic receptacles on the headband part aren't as durable as they could be.

Still, these sound good, have that military look and give great Bluetooth performance for the price.

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