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Get LOUD With Wicked Audio Evac Headphones



Wicked Audio's Evac Headphones are just the accessory for a Special Ops/skatepark/secret rockstar lifestyle. They even have the "Wicked Special Forces" logo right there on the box.


The packaging is loud. The evil pitchfork logo "W" on the side of the cans is loud. The ad copy is loud in its own way:

You’re part of an elite group and you expect more from your headphones. Wicked Evac fulfills that expectation. With its against the grain attitude and its no limits sound quality, Wicked Evac will be the last thing you see before you lose touch with reality and get lost in your music.

That's a lot of life experience for a low, low price: you can get these for under $25 online. I've bought too many pairs of budget headphones off the clearance table: these sound way better than you'd have a right to expect for the price, especially for a pair with this kind of plastic construction.

WI-8500 Evac Black Side

The ear cups are kind of small, though, probably too small for a lot of adult men. Even though the braided cord seems really sturdy, it's going to get knotted up if you don't carefully loop it up before you throw it in a bag. The canvas band is well-padded and the headphones fold up nicely to store in your bag. There's no in-line remote control for your smartphone, no microphone and no noise reduction, so you're not taking calls or controlling your smartphone with the Evacs.

If you know a 12-year-old who isn't already too brand-conscious for his own good, a pair of these might seem like the coolest thing he's ever seen. The Evacs are a good deal at $25 for anyone whose ears aren't too big for the headphones to be comfortable.

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