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Zepp Golf: Analyze Your Swing With Your iPhone


The Zepp Golf 3D Training Kit is a Blutetooth-powered sensor that attaches to your glove via a plastic mount and then transmits data about your swing to an iPhone or Android phone app.

It generates the kind of data that used to be available only to folks who could have themselves filmed in a controlled environment and then pay a golf pro to analyze the results. The Zepp Golf does that one better: it generates data based on your actual on-the-course performance and allows you to review and replay your swing from a 360 degree view.


You get a USB charger to plug into your computer or a charging port, the clip that fits onto your golf glove and a small sensor so light that it shouldn't affect your swing. The $149.99 device is also sold as the Zepp Baseball and the Zepp Tennis with different clips to connect to a bat or racket, respectively. If you're a multi-sport family, you can buy additional mounts for any of the three sports for $9.99 each.

Devices like this are best for someone who's had instruction in the basics. The app gives a really clear representation of your swing but you've got to be able to see what you need to do to improve for the analysis to be effective. Still, it's a lot cheaper than a year's worth of lessons from a golf pro. If you're the kind of golfer who struggles with an inconsistent game, the Zepp Golf can generate some data that might help you figure out what's going on.


You've just got to have the patience and perseverance to apply that new mountain of data to fix whatever's ailing your swing.


The Zepp Golf technology is notable enough that it's featured in that weird new Apple commercial that uses the song "Chicken Fat" as its soundtrack. The tune, sung by "Music Man" Robert Preston, was reportedly commissioned by JFK for the Presidential Fitness Program. The Zepp Golf shows up at about the 25-second mark in the commercial. For some of us who weren't alive back then, it's hard to imagine a President of the United States being allowed to get away with supporting these kinds of comments on the exercise habits of the American people.


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