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Store Your Keys With the Walhub

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The Walhub is a designed and made in the USA switch cover designed to let you install hooks in your house without damaging the walls. They're available for both toggle and rocker switches, with plates that accommodate both one- and two-switch sizes and a version that allows you to store letters as well.

 Walhub 1hang Toggle keys upwell design

Prices start at $9.95 and top out at $15.95 (with $2.95 shipping for orders under $25). Some of you are already getting ready to point out that you can buy a really nice hook at Home Depot for less than $4, but the designers at Walhub didn't make these for homeowners who've settled in for the long haul.


If you're renting or living in temporary housing, the Walhub swaps out easily with your existing switchplate. If you put that switchplate (and the screws) in a sandwich bag and keep in a nearby drawer, you can reclaim your Walhub when you move out and cause zero damage to the walls. As a lot of young renters will tell you these days, some landlords are now prohibiting those 3M Command hooks with the wall stickers because they believe those damage the paint.


The hooks double well has a holder to charge most smartphones. You can easily move the hooks and flip the unit if you prefer your hooks on the left instead of the right. They work a lot better on flat drywall than they do on an uneven plaster wall, but there's an extra screw included in case you need to anchor the hook side on an uneven wall.


These are really clever and a lot cheaper than paying to repair the walls when you move out of a rental property. They're good quality plastic, but you're paying $10 more for the design and innovation than the materials.

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