Rock Legend Meets Actual Hero at the White House



Marine Kyle Carpenter had a big day at the White House last Thursday. Not only did President Obama award him the Medal of Honor for using his body to shield another Marine from an explosion in Helmand Province in 2010, he ran into rock legend Dave Grohl roaming the halls of the White House.

Carpenter got himself a photo with the Foo Fighters frontman/Nirvana drummer and posted it to his awesomely named Instagram account chiksdigscars.

There's no word as to why Dave was hanging at the White House and Carpenter doesn't offer any speculation. Could the Foo Fighters be recording a song at the White House for their new album/HBO documentary series that will include songs recorded at legendary recording facilities around the USA? You say the White House isn't a recording facility? Richard Nixon might point out that 1600 Pennsylvania Ave produced some of the most famous recording sessions of all time.

Yeah, that's probably a stretch. But Dave's meeting with Kyle is a great reason to listen to the Foo Fighters' classic "My Hero."


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