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Travel the World With the Satechi Smart Travel Router


If you need a Satechi Smart Travel Router, feel confident that you're living the kind of exciting life where you need to be prepared to travel light to remote locations all over the world. It's a power adapater that works in over 150 countries around the world that allows you to power a computer and charge a USB device. It can create a wifi hotspot if you're staying in the kind of remote hotels that still have hardwired Internet in the rooms. Or you can use it as a wifi extender. It's a lightweight all-in-one device that performs a lot of tasks without taking up much room in your bag.


The Smart Travel Router packs all those capabilities into small device that sells for under $50. The USB port is 2.1A, so you can use it to charge a tablet. It's made of really lightweight plastic, so you'll definitely want to pack it in a padded inside pocket.

This is another one of those devices that will be a lifesaver for people in a really specific set of circumstances. If you need multiple power adapters and might need your own wifi hotspot, it's worth a look.

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