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'Stalingrad' 3D Comes to Home Video


Stalingrad is out now on Blu-ray (both 3D and 2D versions in the same package), DVD and Digital. We reviewed it when the 3D IMAX version was in theaters and described the movie's Doctor-Zhivago-meets-Call-of-Duty sensibility.


Director Fyodr Bondarchuk made a sweeping WWII movie where the Nazis are still the bad guys and the Soviets are the heroes. The romantic parts of the picture can be a little slow but the use of 3D technology is really impressive for a movie made on far more limited budget than you'd see on a Hollywood special effects extravaganza.

If you invested in a 3D TV, this is a great way to show off your purchase since every scene makes good use of the effect. The movie translates well to 2D Blu-ray. The home release adds an English overdubbed soundtrack but the movie is better in Russian with English subtitles if you can deal with that sort of thing. The "next-generation Call of Duty" comment from our earlier review makes even more sense when you're watching it in your home theater.

There's a not-so-great Making Of documentary in standard definition and there's a documentary about the 3D process called "Stereoscopic Stalingrad" on the 3D disc.

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