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Show Your UFC Love with Monster Octagon Headphones


You get the full branded lifestyle experience with the Monster Octagon UFC headphones, a new set of over-the-ear cans from the audio company and the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts league. They come in red or black, feature the UFC's Octagon logos on the swivel hinge between the earpieces and the headband and sell for $279.95 direct from Monster.


UFC has made current Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis the face of the product. He appeared at launch events for the headphones and he regularly promotes them on his Twitter feed.

Monster made its name in the headphone business when they launched Beats by Dre in collaboration with Dr. Dre. After a split with Beats, Monster has aggressively tried to keep its market share with a wide range of headphone lines, including the incredibly successful DNA line.

Monster, Inc.

The Octagon web page promotes their "incredibly tight, deep bass." They're using "tight" in the street definition because what you're getting here is a huge amount of low end boom, the kind of thump you want if you're listening to EDM or hip hop before you get in the ring. Even though the Octagons and the DNA Pro headphones are both promoted with the "Pure Monster Sound" tagline, they sound incredibly different from each other. I definitely prefer the DNA Pro's sound, but if you're heading to the gym hopped up on Monster Energy drinks (not affiliated with Monster Audio or Military.com's parent company Monster), the 2am-at-the-club rumble may be the motivation you're looking for.

For your $280, you get some well-constructed headphones that claim to be sweat-resistant and are big enough for guys with a large head. The matte finish doesn't pick up fingerprints and the ear cup swivels are really solid if you're looking for different headband angles.

You get two cords, a coiled cord that prevents tangles as well as coiled cords as supposed to and a "ControlTalk Universal" cable that lets you answer and disconnect calls on an Android phone but doesn't offer any control for an iOS device like the "ControlTalk" cables that come with a lot of other Monster headphones. There's also a storage bag that's less protective than you'd expect for headphones in this price range.

In short, if you're looking to replace a set of Beats and you love the UFC, check out the Octagons. If acres of bass give you ear fatigue, you should look elsewhere.

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