Under the Radar

PMCs Take Over in 'Call of Duty'



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes out November 4th and Activision has figured out a new approach to keep the world's most successful shooter game in the public eye. Not only did they hire Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey to provide voice talent for the game, they convinced him to pair that voice with a video avatar of himself.


Spacey plays the head of a private military company that's gone rogue. Echoing his House of Cards Frank Underwood character, Spacey declares, "Power determines who is right. I have the power, so I'm right."


All we know now is that private military corporations will be front and center in the new game and that it looks like they'll be the bad guys this time: Call of Duty has engaged VICE to produce a background report on PMCs that's embedded below. Further details about improvements and innovations in gameplay will have to wait for the E3 video games conference next month in Los Angeles.


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