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Military Movies for Memorial Day

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SnagFilms has put together a selection of eleven military documentaries for Memorial Day, highlighted by The Carrier, director Steven C. Barber's behind-the-scenes documentary following the machinations in setting up the first college basketball game abroad the USS Carl Vinson in honor of the military's dedication. They've created an exclusive Memorial Day Media Player that will allow you to watch them right here at Under the Radar.


The selection also includes two more acclaimed films from director Barber: Return to Tarawa, narrated by Ed Harris, follows Tarawa battle vet Leon Cooper back to "Red Beach"in a powerful story of redemption and passion. Its sequel, Until They Are Home, narrated by Kelsey Grammer, chronicles the efforts of JPAC in searching for the remains of missing marines killed in The Battle of Tarawa in 1943.

How to Fold a Flag follow the same soldiers from the documentary Gunner Palace as they return home to America and each struggles to define their wartime experience in a country largely indifferent to their service.

Arlington: In Eternal Vigil is a powerful, inspiring and thought-provoking documentary using Arlington National Cemetery as a platform for discovering the source of America's greatness - our nation's legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment to the key values of freedom and duty. 

The Medal explores our nation’s 3,442 recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor (at the time of the film's release).

Churchill's Island is a classic propaganda film made during the Second World War was designed to strengthen ties between Canada and Great Britain and to ensure popular support for the war effort.

Left in Baghdad follows American soldier Ross Graydon spends six months rehabilitating at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after he loses his left arm to an IED while serving in Iraq.

Pearl Harbor: Day of Infamy is a three hour documentary about Pearl Harbor containing over 25 survivor interviews revealing eyewitness accounts from both American and Japanese veterans.

The Art of War shows how the first World War transformed the world of art and changed the way images of war are portrayed.

Vietnam: Long Time Coming tells the story of a 16-day, 1,200 mile bicycle ride through once war-torn Vietnam organized by World T.E.A.M. Sports (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) in 1998. Able-bodied and disabled veterans, from the U.S. and Vietnam, travel across a landscape where they once killed to stay alive.

SnagFilms streams over 10,000 movies online and offers a great selection of films in apps designed for several streaming platforms including iPad, Android, Kindle, Roku and select smart TVs if you're looking to watch somewhere besides your computer.

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