Get a Great Deal on the Slingbox



The Slingbox is designed to stream your TV over the Internet to a remote computer or mobile device. We've written in great detail about how it's a wonderful option for folks who've got a military family member stationed away from home.

Now the company has announced that, for a limited time, military personnel can buy the Slingbox 350 at a special price of $99.99 (45% off the normal $179.99 price) at select Military Exchanges nationwide and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service website

The 350 hooks up to your cable/satellite box or DVR and actually controls that box and streams the programming. You don't even need a TV screen attached to that cable box, but you will need for the Slingbox to be close enough to connect to your Internet modem via a cable.

Curious? Read our review of the Slingbox 500 and find out exactly how the device works with remote users. If you've got a spare cable box and a sports fan stationed overseas, this could be a great purchase.



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