'D-Day 360' Brings a New Perspective



PBS retells the story of June 6th, 1944 with D-Day 360, a new documentary that employs LiDAR light detection and ranging technology to create animations that show the battle from all kinds of new angles. The show premieres on May 27th, but make sure you check you local listings for the exact time and date.


The program's computer recreations allow the filmmakers to zoom in, pull back and change viewpoints on the battlefield to give new context and perspective to the day's events. There's a lot of emphasis on logistics and interviews with historians who marvel at the amount of organization for the attack that the Allies were able to accomplish without the aid of computers.

This is a one-hour overview of D-Day and a lot of the narration is aimed at younger audiences who have yet to pay attention to the details of World War II. Hardcore aficionados might want to watch with the sound turned down, but the new computer images are definitely worth checking out for everyone.

If you miss the live TV show, D-Day 360 will be streaming on the PBS website, on the Apple TV channel and on all the usual iPhone and Android apps.

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