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Magic Tank Emergency Fuel Promises to Bail You Out



Magic Tank Emergency Fuel promises to bail you out in an emergency if your car runs out of gas. The product comes in a half-gallon jug and claims to have the same properties as gasoline, minus the fallmable butanes, pentanes, hexanes or heptanes. That should make it safe to keep in the  trunk of your car and the manufacturer claims a 10-year shelf life.

If you follow the guidelines (known as "rules" to any young driver who's not paying for his or her own car insurance) and refill your gas tank when it gets below a quarter tank full, then (like me) you might wonder why you'd need something like this.


Spending 4 1/2 hours to go 2 miles during the first Atlanta 2014 snow disaster changed my mind. There were a lot of people who spent close to 24 hours stuck in their cars and an alarmingly large number of them ran out of gas.

Magic Tank only works with an engine that's already running. Whatever magical properties it has need heat to activate. The half-gallon size claims to give the same mileage as a half-gallon of gasoline, so you're only aiming to get as far as the next gas station in an emergency.

You can buy it direct from the manufacturer for $24.95 plus a flat rate $9.95 shipping. There are discounts if you order more than one container.

Is it safe? The manufacture claims you can pour Magic Tank over a lit match and it won't catch on fire. Our survivalist readers will want to note that this stuff works in gas-powered generators and a few bottles might be a lifesaver if the power grid goes down for a long period of time.

This is one of those inventions that seems like a good idea and $2.50 a year (plus shipping) seems like a reasonable yearly fee for emergency insurance if you never have to use Magic Tank before it expires. If this catches on, it'll be available at every auto parts store and truck stop in America within three years.


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