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Get First Crack at the Big Turtle Shell

BigTurtleShell_2 copy

The Turtle Shell 2.0  is one of the best rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker options and now Outdoor Tech is getting ready to launch the Big Turtle Shell with a campaign on Kickstarter.

Along with its much larger size, the Big Turtle Shell promises up to 110 decibels of sound, a 30-ft range and an 16-hour battery life. They've also thrown in some USB connectors so you can use the device as a charging station if you're not aiming to play music for the full 16 hours before your next charge.

The new one is big enough to come with handles on the bottom but it promises to include all the waterproof and phone call-answering features from the smaller 2.0 version. We'll have a full review when the Big Turtle Shell is shipped to retailers but, if you're sure you want one, you can pledge $150 on their Kickstarter page and get one as soon as their ready (with free shipping in the USA). The device will retail for $229.95 when it's available in stores (and the original sells for $129.95), so this is a big savings. There are other packages available (including a great deal on a matched set of both sizes). Check out their promotional video below.


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