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Jam XT Speaker: Small, Sturdy, Inexpensive


The Jam XT Extreme Ruggedized wireless bluetooth speaker from HDMX was a big hit when it was released last year and it delivers a lot of sound from a very small package (the whole thing would fit easily inside a 3 1/2" cube). 


The speaker comes with a fold-out carabiner clip for easy transport. HDMX claims 8 hours of play time on a charge and that holds up under. It's sturdy enough to survive drops and its rubberized construction and weight  makes the Jam XT feel substantial.


There's a panel on the back to protect the Micro USB charging port and AUX line in port from potential water damage.

The Jam XT uses Bluetooth for its wireless audio connection. That means it should connect to any Android or iOS device you want to use. The downside to Bluetooth is that the connection can be a little balky, but that's going to be some kind of issue with any kind of wireless streaming you do. The Jam XT seems solid within 10-20 feet.


This thing is loud. It's a single speaker so you're going to get mono sound and have to like it.  If you go to the HDMX website, the Jam XT sells for $59.99 + shipping. The Amazon price is $40, which is starting to be a good deal. If you really dig around (HSN), you can find one for $28 + shipping. The Jam XT is a great deal at $28 or less, especially if you're just looking for an easy way to get some sound out of your phone or tablet. If you're looking for high fidelity options, we'll review some of those soon but there's nothing else in this price range that compares with the Jam XT at a discounted price.

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