Under the Radar

Mossberg Aims to Grow the Market



Venerable gun manufacturer Mossberg has aligned its guns with America's most popular brand, a logo that's used to sell Chia pets, duct tape, Cajun seasoning, shower curtainsboard games, camo Segways, underwearkid-sized ATVsantibacterial bandages, car seat covers, pantiescamo recliners, bedding and party supplies.%embed1%

Duck Commander weapons are on their way to a store near you. The line includes nine different shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.


Even if you leave all the controversy aside, all of this still begs some questions: what serious gun enthusiast is going to pay a premium price for a weapon with a camo pattern and the Duck Dynasty family motto? Can you imagine the razzing you'd get from your buddies if you actually took one of these things into the duck blind? What do semiautomatic weapons have to do with duck hunting? Will these things be on clearance at Big Lots once the Robertson family has completely saturated the market and America gets tired of them?

America isn't tired yet. The Mossberg website can't handle all the traffic right now. This post would be a lot longer if we could access a few more details about the actual products. If you want a custom Uncle Si shotgun, you're going to have to be a little patient.

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