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The Art of Battlefield 4

Art of Battlefield 4

Now that Battlefield 4 has been out for a couple of weeks, devoted players will be looking for something more. If the game scenarios have invaded your dreams, maybe you're ready for the behind-the-scenes view offered in the new book The Art of Battlefield 4 .

Since you won't be focused on avoiding your opponent's bullets, you can take a moment to appreciate all the detail in the game's imagery. The book is 100% focused on presenting the images from the game and leaves out a lot of the interview and technical background that clogs up some of these titles.


Here are the official details from the press release:

Developed by DICE, Battlefield is one of the most popular first-person-shooter series of all-time. Critically acclaimed and loved by millions of fans worldwide, the Battlefield series has been praised for its sandbox design and immersive multiplayer gameplay, as well as its spectacular attention to detail and visual fidelity. Powered by DICE’s FrostbiteTM 3 engine, Battlefield 4TM provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other complete with dynamic destructible environments and epic vehicular combat.

Titan Books’ The Art of Battlefield 4 gives readers an in-depth look at DICE’s eagerly anticipated title. Featuring exclusive concept and development art, as well as detailed creator insights and commentary throughout, no fan of the Battlefield series will want to miss out on this visually stunning high-end book - which will immerse them in the chaos of all-out war.

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