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Jackass Crew Returns With 'Bad Grandpa'



This is a special post for our "What does this have to do with the military?" commenters: anyone who's been stationed far from home over the last decade knows Jackass. The DVDs of the first three movies have brought upon hours of repeated viewings  of their gross-out humor and senselessly dangerous stunts to men and women serving all over the globe.

It's been a few years since the whole crew went their separate ways and ringleader Johnny Knoxville finally figured a way to make a fourth flick: he's brought back his Irving Zisman character to star in a Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa, a heartwarming story of a senior citizen getting to know his grandson on a cross-country road trip.


Of course, "heartwarming" is a relative term. Anyone whos's a fan of the Disney Channel (or even ABC Family) should probably just move on to the next post.

For the rest of you Jackass fans, the movie opens in the USA this Friday and will certainly be coming to your preferred home video format before too long. Check out the red band unrated trailer below.


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