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Cut the Cord With G-Cube Bluetooth Headphones


If you're tired of getting tangled in your cords, Bluetooth wireless headphones might be a solution but the most popular brands (Beats, Bose, Harmon Kardon, Sennheisser, Monster) start at about $250 and the price can go up rapidly from there. You can buy wireless headphones for $40 on eBay, but they all feature sound quality so low that you might as well be using an empty paper towel roll with wax paper and a rubber band.

G-Cube's new BH-860R Bluetooth 3.0 Deluxe Wireless Headphone with On-Earpad Remote Control sets out to offer high quality sound at a reasonable price point: they list for $150, but they're available for $79 at NewEgg.


Check out the G-Cube slideshow.

What do you get for your $80? You get a Bluetooth 3.0 connection that's far more reliable than the one you get from most of the budget-priced Bluetooth portable speakers that flooded the market this year. They come with an excellent foam zippered travel case and you get excellent life from the battery: I got 8+ hours of listening plus standby over a couple of  days.

The sound is surprisingly good. You're never going to get a lot of bass from on-ear headphones, but there's a lot of definition in the high end. If your head's not too big, they're comfortable and there wasn't an issue with ear fatigue.

The only hesitation with these is the build: they're plastic and don't feel incredibly sturdy. The pair I reviewed arrived with a small piece cracked and fallen off the headband. That didn't affect their performance but it doesn't necessarily bode well for the long-term. Still, they offer a strong sound for the price.

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