Under the Radar

Troy Polamalu & the VFW's Mane Event



Pittsburgh Steeler strong safety Troy Polamalu may be more famous for his exceptionally long hair than he is for his exceptional NFL career. While the seven-time Pro Bowler has led his team to two Super Bowl victories, he's made an even bigger splash with a series of shampoo commercials that star his flowing mane.

That's what makes his participation in the VFW's Mane Event such a big deal. Troy will cut his hair for the first time in over ten years to support the VFW and is challenging everyone to take a pledge to cut their hair this Veteran's Day, November 11th, and gather support from family and friends to raise money to support the work of the VFW.


Unfortunately for Steelers fans, the 0-3 team is off to its worst start since 1986. Maybe they can distract themselves by throwing their support behind the VFW cause. You can check out the Mane Event website or follow the VFW on Facebook or Twitter.

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