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'Return to Mogadishu' 20 Years Later


Recently, U.S. Army Best Ranger Jeff Struecker returned to Somalia twenty years after he fought in the battle that inspired the book and movie Black Hawk Down. It's the first time a Ranger has returned to the scene and he took along fellow Army Ranger Keni Thomas and a film crew to record his experience. 

The result is a powerful short film called Return to Mogadishu. Rather than attempt to pad things out to make a feature-length documentary, producer Mary Beth Minnis and director Matt Knighton focus on the memories and reactions of the two Rangers as they tour the city and recount their memories of the fight.


"There is a great deal of killing, a whole lot of violence in the movie 'Black Hawk Down.' but to be honest with you, it is a fraction of what really happened in Somalia."

You can watch our embedded video above or save it in your YouTube or Vimeo account if you want to watch it later on your phone, tablet or TV streaming device.

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