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Get a 'Call of Duty' Fix on Your iPad


Activision seems to have surprised most everyone with the release of Call of Duty: Strike Team, an all-new game built from the ground up for iOS. Set in 2020, the U.S finds itself at war with an unknown enemy and your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to track down those responsible for a surprise attack.

Can you really create a true FPS experience on a touchscreen device? Probably not. Strike Team augments the first-person action with an overhead, drone-style tactical view of the action. That tactical gameplay makes up for some of the shooter shortcomings but it makes for a game that's a bit different from the console games. On the positive side, it's immediately obvious that this one is miles better than previous Call of Duty zombie-themed titles released for the Apple platform.

It's a massive 1.31GB download (as big as most movies you'd get from the iTunes store) and it offers a host of in-app purchase options even though it's not free-to-play and will cost you $6.99 to download. Activision knows its audience: if any group of gamers is willing to pay the tax upfront and still fork out for add-ons later, it's the CoD crowd. It's not impossible to earn the tokens by actually playing the game, so advanced gamers may be able to enjoy it with only the one-time payment.

Also, you can actually try to play this on on an iPhone 5 or 4S or a 5th generation iPod Touch, but the tactical view on the smaller screen is so cramped that you almost lose access to the game's best feature.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think if you've played the game.


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