Under the Radar

Aaron Paul's Next Gig is 'Need for Speed'



Now that he's done with Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul needs a new job to keep everyone's attention and he may have found it with Need for Speed. Movies based on video games have a pretty sorry history, but this one has a few things going for it.


1. It's got a plot that seems at least partially inspired by the all-time classics like Vanishing Point: innocent man gets out of prison and has to race across country to settle a score with the man who sent him there.

2. Director Scott Waugh (Act of Valor) is the son of stunt man and has already proved his skill at creating straight-ahead action scenes.

3. Electronic Arts really wants to get things right for once and have partnered with DreamWorks Pictures to try to make that happens.

Need for Speed is scheduled to be in theaters next March.

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