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Soldier of Steel: Can Superman Recruit?


soldierofsteel copy

If you've been to the movies lately, you might've noticed that the National Guard enlisted an undocumented alien to help bolster its recruiting efforts.

The Soldier of Steel campaign compares the National Guard to Superman ("Two American icons who put on the uniform when duty calls") and hopes the cross-promotion with the new Man of Steel Superman movie will give potential recruits just enough of a superhero feeling that they'll go ahead and sign up for the Guard.

The campaign includes a series of fitness videos that feature trainer Mark Twight leading National Guard Citizen-Soldiers through a series of intense workouts.


The whole series peaks with video featuring shirtless Superman actor Henry Cavill vouching for Twight's training skills. The clip reminds everyone that this great American icon is being played by a Brit and looks like the kind of thing likely to turn up as a DVD extra somewhere down the line.

The other three workout videos are embedded below. The movie's already a big hit and the studio's obviously paying for the whole promotion, so here's the question for our audience: does Superman make the Guard look good?




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