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On the Carpet With Spike's Guys Choice Awards


Spike TV held its Guys Choice Awards in Los Angeles last Saturday night and Military.com was on the red leopard-print carpet where we talked to the celebs about their support for the military and any personal histories they may have with military service.

They filmed the whole event and the final program airs tonight at  9pm Eastern/8pm Central. The evening is the channel's biggest live event of the year (although their Video Game Awards are also a pretty big deal these days as well) and Spike uses the evening as a way to pay tribute to the military.


If you're the one guy who's been waiting anxiously all year to find out who won, stop reading now and come back after you've watch the show.

Everyone else should know that Spike's pretty loose about the whole proceeding and you can already find a complete list of winners on their website.

Vin Diesel won the Troops Choice Award and he was joined onstage by a group of uniformed  men and women onstage when he collected his reward.

The guest list included some of Spike's in-house talent, including fighters from IMPACT Wrestling and Bellator MMA, Jon from Bar Rescue and the cast of World's Worst Tenants.


Our crew was especially impressed with Felix Baumgartner, the Red Bull Stratos Base Jumper. We also got to talk with the guys who founded Troop ID. Even though Randy Couture recognized them as the most veteran-friendly business of the year during the show, you can only see their excellent stars-and-stripes trousers in our video above.

Check out a couple of  clips from the show below. We're going to watch just too see exactly how much of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's incredibly long and profane set where he takes down the "Douchebags of the Year" actually makes it to the program's final cut.


If you're late getting home tomorrow night, the entire program airs three times in a row and will likely be available on demand and rerun a bunch more times this weekend.


Mark Wahlberg presents Burt Reynolds with the Original Alpha Male Award.


Clint Eastwood presents Ben Affleck with the Guy of the Year Award

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