Under the Radar

'Need for Speed' Gets a Movie



When EA Games and DreamWorks decided to make a Need for Speed movie, they turned to director Scott Waugh, the guy who directed the amazing action sequences in Act of Valor. Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame stars in the movie and he made an appearance at the game company's E3 press conference to debut the above making-of clip.


The movie's plot is something about a muscle car mechanic who's framed for a crime he didn't commit and use his auto skills to seek revenge once he's out of prison. As true car chase movie fans like to say, "Whatever."

What's certain is that Waugh, a guy who grew up in Hollywood's stunt culture, is someone who appreciates the classics (Bullitt, Vanishing Point, the original Gone in 6o Seconds) and will hopefully bring some of that energy to a genre (the video game-inspired movie) that hasn't produced many watchable movies.

Need for Speed hits theaters next spring.

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