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'Splinter Cell': Sam Fisher Gets a Partner


There are a couple of new trailers for Tom ,due this August before the fall Call of Duty rush. The game's two-player co-op mode allows you to play as longtime hero Sam Fisher or his new partner, CIA operative Isaac Briggs. You're tasked with retrieving a nuclear warhead from a group of terrorists. There are 4 mission types, 14 maps and a two-player split-screen option.


The Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode also returns in Blacklist. In the latest version, there's an asymmetrical assault mode. One team of mercenaries has to stop a team of spies from stealing code from three terminals in an enclosed space. You can't leave the room until you locate and stop the original hacker.

More to come after Under the Radar visits the massive E3 video game show in Los Angeles next month.

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