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'Support Our Troops' With Nike & the Ducks



College football fans know about the University of Oregon football program and its crazy uniform designs. The school can afford to change its look what seems like almost every week because its biggest booster is Phil Knight, the founder of Nike and one of the school's most famous and wealthy alumni.

The April 27th spring football game featured a new "Support Our Troops" uniform design that's partially inspired by actual military uniform design ,with a "Ducks" name patch on the right breast, a U.S. flag on the right shoulder and the addition of "Support Our Troops" to the Oregon badge on the front of the jersey.

It's kind of a win all around: everyone at the game gets to think about the troops, Nike gets some free publicity and the coaches can amp up their "sports-as-warfare" metaphors in the locker room. Check out the slideshow below or see the full range at the University of Oregon football Facebook page.


And here are the unis in action in some highlights from the game. If you're keeping score, the White team won 65-10 and both offenses combined to rack up 802 total yards.


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