Under the Radar

Stay Safe With Bagram Batman


Now that Dark Knight trilogy is complete, Batman has a new gig promoting safety and situational awareness in Afghanistan at Bagram Airfield.


These of videos are credited to SSG Jesse Dyer and seem to be officially sanctioned by the Armed Forces Network Afghanistan and the US Army, since they're  featured on both official YouTube pages.


Batman's always been a more complicated superhero than most, so it's no surprise that he skips the Superman-style moral lecture about smoking's health risks and focuses his rage on the dangers of lighting up around flammable liquids. His advice about keeping track of your weapon, not wearing headphones when running, locking your unattended vehicle and remembering not to shoplift from the PX may be obvious but the fact that he's having to remind soldiers about this stuff just makes the caped crusader's frustration all the more intense.

Director Christopher Nolan says he's retired from making superhero movies, so maybe Warner Bros. Studios should look to Bagram for some ideas when they're ready for another Batman flick.



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