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'Splinter Cell: Blacklist' Tries to Save the Wii U



Last year at E3, we saw an excellent preview of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist console game from Ubisoft and, even though we expected to see the title in stores by now, the official release date is now August 20th.

The extra time has given the producers a chance to create a long-rumored version for Nintendo's new Wii U console, one that creates a "strategic mission interface," designed to take advantage of that Wii U controller that looks like either a big smartphone or a small iPad, depending on your point of reference. The trailer shows off how the GamePad can be used for trirotor drone control, to operate spy cams, select weapons and gadgets and to mark your targets.


The Wii U launch hasn't gone all that well for Nintendo and the console desperately needs access to the kind of shooter games that are certain to be the big launch titles for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and rumored new Xbox console. Game studio DICE has already announced that Battlefield 4 won't be released for the Wii U, so Nintendo desperately needs a FPS game that shows off what the supposed advanages of their GamePad controller.

If you're committed to playing the new Splinter Cell on your Xbox, PlayStation or PC, it's also coming for all three platforms. Check out the latest "Inauguration" trailer below. In this latest version of the game, Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher takes on a terror group called "The Blacklist" and promises to completely eliminate all threats to the United States.


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