Under the Radar

Wonder Woman Takes Out the Nazis



Veteran stuntman Jesse V. Johnson (Lincoln, Thor, The Amazing Spider-Man) is trying to move up in the world. He's directed a couple of straight-to-video titles starring Stone Cold Steve Austin but he really wants to direct big Hollywood action pictures. He rounded up $3500 and convinced a lot of friends to do favors so he could make this trailer for an imaginary Wonder Woman movie.

The trailer stars Danish singer Nina Bergman as Diana Prince and features all-time great movie bad guy Peter Stormare as her Nazi nemesis. Made without a proper license from the lawyers at DC Comics and Warner Bros. (note the carefully worded "Female Super Hero Fan Film" title), this imaginary movie seems to be the first sign of life for the Amazon after years of failed pilots and movie treatments from official Hollywood sources.

Give the guy a movie. or just let him finish this one.

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