Under the Radar

Boot Camp for the 'Rocket City Rednecks'



Back when I passed through Hunstville, AL in the late '70s, all the rocket scientists sounded like they'd been imported from Indiana or had suspicious German accents. That's why the National Geographic Channel's Rocket City Rednecks has always been a mystery. I knew folks who talked like Travis, Daddy and the rest of the cast but they were always the ones badmouthing the "carpetbagger Yankee scientists."Things have obviously changed enough down there so TV can come up with a Mythbusters-meets-Moonshiners concept show.

Tonight's Season 2 finale has Dr. Travis deciding to invent a lightweight, full-body flak suit that won't limit mobility in the field and testing out his homemade field armor in last October's Marine Corps Marathon in DC. He recruits William Bodette a retired USMC drill instructor, to put him through a civilian boot camp to train for the race. No word yet if Travis finished the race or if he plans to test out his invention in actual combat.

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