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Ron White Goes Direct



If you're not already a hardcore fan, you might know Ron White from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour or from his charity work for the Armed Forces Foundation. Ron's got an incredibly enthusiastic fan base he calls his "Rontourage," and based on that following, Ron's decided to self-release his new comedy special A Little Unprofessional and cut out both the cable company and DVD sales distribution folks from the equation.

That means you can get yourself a copy of the 80-minute special for just $5. That deal lets you stream it from the website up to five times to your tablet, smartphone or Internet-connected TV set. You can also download 2 HD-quality copies that you can keep forever if you remember to back up your hard drives.


White's following the success of self-released $5 standup shows from Louis C.K. (really funny) and Aziz Ansari (funny but he can probably do better) but really amps up the game with a whole series of interactive fan packages. The $10 package adds a yearlong membership to his Rontourage fan club and a copy of his most recent "Salute to the Troops" special. $50 adds a custom flask and $100 throws in a chance to meet Ron in person at one of his shows. There's more stuff available in each package, so check his website for details.

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