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A Call of Duty 'Surprise'


by Spawn of Shooter

So early today the Interwebz blessed us with this amazing trailer for the futuristic Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Set in Los Angeles 2025, it's called Surprise and it's directed by Guy Ritchie (who is awesome) not Lionel Richie (who is not).

(Ed. note: We're pretty sure Spawn is trolling you here but we support his right to annoy old people, which for him is probably anyone over the age of 21).

Honestly I think this is one of their better trailers, maybe the best yet. It follows the same marketing strategy as those of the last few big fps games (most notably the set of trailers with Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington for Modern Warfare 3 and the original Black Ops trailer with Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel). This time the trailer has a much more notable cast with some guy I thought was Jack Black, the YouTuber iJustine, Robert Downey Jr., awesome 'YouTuber' FPS Russia and a few others I'm sure I either didn't notice or forgot to mention.

Let's don't forget zombies. Gotta love the zambies. The zambie content in the original Black Ops Set in 2025 this trailer kind of shows off the whole America-under-attack-technology-is-bad feel it's going for. (Remember the premise of the game revolves around the automation and mechanization of our military and its subsequent hacking by terrorists, resulting in an attack on the United States by its own robotic minions and surviving VA personnel.

So lets go over the cast real quick. First, a guy that looks like Jack Black.

/onrant I know it wasn't actually Jack Black, but if you don't know who Jack Black is you are sad excuse of an American. If you didn't like him in his compelling role as Kung fu Panda or Nacho Libre surely you were moved to tears by his portrayal of Jeff Portnoy in Tropic Thunder? Not that it matters, he's not in the trailer. But he should be. /offrant

Second, we have iJustine throwing a 'hawk. If you're weren't aware, she is a hawt semi-famous youtuber/blogger chick that's into games. Third, Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is another one of those actors you ought to know, whether you're like my old gaffer and remember him from Pretty in Pink or someone like me who equate him with Iron Man. Fifth, and by no means last, we have FPS Russia, a for-sure famous YouTuber who blows things up on his channel, drives through Whitecastles in tanks in his spare time, and slays watermelon people (remember Charlene?)

Oh there's also a lady riding Sarah Jessica Parker (who is wearing a necklace of 40 mike-mike) and some French guy.

This video makes me want them to do a full feature film of Black Ops 2...and an interview with both iJustine and The Professional Russian. Maybe not in that order.

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