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Stars Earn Stripes: Girls With Guns


Stars Earn Stripes wrapped up its run on NBC and it turns out that the "celebrities" who fared best in the competition were actually athletes. That's probably not a surprise to anyone who's watched Dancing With the Stars but it turns out that those athletes also happened to be women. There's a lot of online discussion online about whether women make better snipers than men but it's pretty apparent that at least some women can handle a weapon better than an Ivy League football player and a four-time Iron Dog champion.


The team WWE wrestler Eve Torres and retired Green Beret Grady Powell edged out Olympic skier Picabo Street and retired Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson on the final challenge to win an extra $100K for the USO, the charity that Torres played for in the competition.

Aside from a few solemn moments were the participants felt obliged to talk about sacrifice, the last two challenges were a lot more relaxed and everyone seemed to be having a much better time than they did back in the first episode. Having a Lifelock sponsored challenge seemed a little weird; with the number of times Gen. Clark says the company named, it starts to feel like you're watching an identity-theft infomercial at 3am.

Ratings didn't match what NBC was looking for and I doubt the show will be back next summer. It's too bad the producers are expensive guys like Survivor's Mark Burnett and Law & Order's Dick Wolf, because it would be a lot of fun to see the show move to G4 next year so they could replace the "celebrities" with game developers from Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Assassin's Creed and Battlefield. That would be a show worth watching.

Congrats to Eve and Grady for getting it done. Check out the final episode below.


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