Under the Radar

Problems on the Home Front?



Apparently, Medal of Honor Warfighter's commitment to realism includes the opportunity to have a phone fight with your spouse just before she gets killed in an attack that looks a lot like the 2004 Madrid rail bombings.Then you get to take out the bad guys with whatever mix of guilt and vengeance that best fits your psychological profile.

This new campaign trailer introduces us to Preacher, who's texting on a device that looks like an iPhone and remembering an argument with a woman who sounds like his wife. Preacher's walking through the Madrid station to pick up his family when he spots a terrorist, then boom, then hospital, then wedding ring, then suit up for ass kicking.

We don't know many American Tier 1 Operators who get their motivation from the direct loss of their nearest and dearest in a recent terrorist attack but maybe the trailer is just too complicated for us to understand and the family isn't actually on the train at all. As usual, all insight from our readers is welcome.

MoH Warfighter comes out October 23rd.

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