Under the Radar

S.H.I.E.L.D. Barracks Humor

Next thing you know they'll be tricking him into wearing a wank sock.






























Mad Duo Clear

The tactical wit and trigger-pulling wisdom of Mad Duo is the amalgamation of a several current and former military types, some still engaged in doorkickery, others just FAGs (Former Action Guys). They can be contacted here on UTR, over on Kit Up! or at Breach-Bang-Clear. Swingin' Dick Kilgore and Slim Call are without a doubt the highest speed, lowest drag celebrities of the action figure and steely-eyed snaker-eater world.  Their commentary has been likened to a .308 op-ed to the head. They don’t like the Taliban, marplots, hippies, sissies, Keith Olbermann, Louis Farrakhan, traitors or SNCOs and officers who don’t grasp the concept of Noblesse Oblige. Loyalty starts from the top down, assclowns. Join 'em on Facebook if you're not skeert: www.Facebook.com/breachbangclear.

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