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Going Cyclic With Coco


Ubisoft has built what they're calling "Team Ghost" as a marketing ploy. They describe it as bringing together "... a group of gaming enthusiasts, each of them real world elites..."

We're not sure if you're following Team Ghost, but calling them real world elites might be a bit of a stretch. A couple of (sorta) professional athletes, a rapper and Coco? We'll give her kudos for enthusiasm and providing some visual entertainment when she's barely dressed and going cyclic, but it's hard to get over the fact that her husband's a jackass of long standing. We're still not sure how an asshat like Ice-T can go from a reviled cop-hater in the early 90s to some kind of revered spokesman for the 2nd Amendment now. Perhaps too many of the officers working back then have retired now or just don't care...or, perhaps he's reformed (doubt it, but stranger things have happened). Still, of the four she's the only one give a rat's ass about listening to (largely because #1 she seems to genuinely enjoy it and #2 her unapologetic boobaliciousness).

Anyway, the game is already out but not everyone is aware of 'Team Ghost' or the fact that you can watch Coco's delightful jiggly bits bounce with the recoil in this video. For more on Team Ghost, go here.


In the meantime, we need YOUR input. Do we play the game or skip it? 'Cuz so far we haven't picked up a copy. Let us know what you like and/or don't like below.

That is all.

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